Sem Loves Our Volunteers! 

SEM ELEMENTARY is always in need of volunteers and we’d love to have you help out with planning, cutting, pasting, organizing and arranging.  Smiling faces are welcomed either at the classroom level (coordinated by your child’s teacher) or the school level (coordinated by the PTA).


We Need YOU!

We know that every single person is not able to help with every single need nor are you able to attend every single PTA event.  We know that full time jobs, small children at home & other circumstances sometimes make attending activities difficult.  We're simply asking you to consider helping out when you are able & to come join the fun at our PTA events when your schedule will allow. Even one hour a week of PTA participation can make a huge difference throughout our school and to our children.

Background Checks

Please be aware that ALL PERSONS who plan on entering the school beyond the glassed-in office areas MUST have a 2015-2016 FISD Background Check on file.  This includes parents who are visiting classrooms for the class parties.  This background check is a separate FISD background check from the RAPTOR system installed in the office.  Please take 2 minutes and visit to complete your online form today. 

Thank you for volunteering in our school!